This blog was started as a place to share my thoughts and experiences, a creative outlet. It has quickly turned into something I love doing. I love being able to share with others – life, shops, recipes. Fair warning – recipes shared will be yummy, but that does not mean they will be the healthiest!

Born and raised in Alabama, I’m as southern as they come. My in-laws joke they don’t know if I’m calling for Kyle or Cal (our dog nephew)! I am married to Kyle and we currently have 4 dogs. We are very active in local animal rescue, which is partly why we have 4 dogs! I always tell people the most rewarding, but hardest thing we do is foster dogs. If we aren’t doing something animal related, we are likely watching or attending a sporting event – sometimes more than one at a time!

I love sports, football and MMA top out the list. Alabama, Kansas State and KC Chiefs are top teams in our house. So if you happen to hear screaming from our house, don’t worry – we are just coaching from the couch! I’m thankful Kyle understands some of my crazy fan superstitions – even if I did just find an orange polo in his closet.

I’m so thankful you decided to visit my blog and hopefully read a few, or all, of my posts. I hope you enjoy the randomness!

Let’s build something together.