You do NOT have to fight for your right to PARTY!

I tend to get overwhelmed when planning an event, especially a party. Luckily for me (and you!), I have a friend that has pretty much mastered planning AMAZING parties and events. She has so graciously agreed to be my FIRST guest post!

This woman is nothing short of amazing. She is extremely talented, and has quickly become one of my favorite humans – despite us not having met in person (yet!). Take some time to read her tips and tricks to make sure your next party is one where you party like a rock-star! Thank you again, Elayne!

Event Elevation is Not Just for Brands by: R.E. Santiago

Social media changed and continues to impact what people care about. It creates a shiny veneer for everyone’s high points but it has also brought something heavily into focus, at least from my point of view.

If you’re as old as I am, you’ve seen the Super Sweet 16’s from the peak of MTV’s reality TV era. So trying to curate a special memory to mark your kids birthday really isn’t anything new. But with the ability to see what everyone is doing and experiencing all the time, it’s added another facet to events that I personally appreciate.

As experiential marketing made its way through brand activations and directly to our handheld screens, hosts and hostesses everywhere began to take notice of how to better elevate their own social events. So, if you’re looking for ideas, here’s how to curate a party that lasts in the mind of your guests.

I’ve, in the past month, been called a “theater adult” which… rude, but fair. It’s my inherent compulsion to “commit to the bit” that clocked me so accurately as such but, if you want to be the hostess with the mostest, you should too! To properly curate your event, go beyond thematic stationery and consider how you can incorporate your theme in every facet of your event which includes:
    1.    Invitation – this is a no-brainer but, if you’re feeling extra consider how you can play with the wording to further that theme.
    2.    Signage/Food Stations – this can include anything from tent-cards to custom water bottle and can labels. I’ve customized candy wrappers before and, the best part is that you can either DIY or use a resource like Etsy to find something on brand for your event.
    3.    Wardrobe – whether its coordinated shirts or a full on costume, this is a silly little way to hype yourself and others up for the festivities.

With kids parties, it can be hard to blend a crowd who don’t organically know one another. But you can come up with some activities that promote socializing while also curate spaces for those that prefer to just vibe at their own space.
    1.    Ice Breaker – This will look different for different crowds. As everyone staggers in at different times, my family typically starts kids parties with a craft of some kind depending on the age group. It tempers some of their chaotic energy by forcing them to focus while also creating a memento to keep.
    2.    Atmosphere – Curate a playlist. If you’re really creative, this too can be on theme but, at the very least, just make sure the music played is appropriate for your guests. Music helps to fill the silence while things are still ramping up and help to maintain ambiance when you’re in the swing of things. Use it wisely.
    3.    Games and/or Entertainment – Even if money is tight, creativity is usually abundant. How can you create a game or activity that ties in your theme? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, tried and true kids games can be slightly altered to still be on theme. Take, for example, a super hero party. Create a scavenger hunt with thematic clues that turn your guest into their favorite comic book hero who needs to find and rescue a civilian. You don’t necessarily need to spend extra money here but if you have the budget, you can incorporate other elements like a moon bounce as a tool for hero training or a piñata as the villain you need to defeat and suddenly the imagination of your guests does the work for you. Even pin the tail on the donkey can evolve into handcuff the villain. Other entertainment to consider: face painters, caricature artists, glitter tattoo artists, balloon sculptors, costumed characters, performers.
    4.    Photo Booth – That probably sounds more fancy than it needs to but, ultimately, pictures of your party will end up somewhere. So plan that aesthetic ahead of time. Create your own backdrop (layered foil curtains are inexpensive and fun) or other small photo spaces with themed knickknacks that will naturally draw your guests in. A photo backdrop is obvious but a dessert table or a curated charcuterie board or grazing table is another attention grabber. Here, committing to the bit pays off as you can have bright, colorful beverages in clear pitchers that match your theme and, thus, add to your overall aesthetic.

Above, we discussed two activities that create something to be enjoyed post-party: the craft and any photos from the photo booth. Most kids parties go a step further with a goodie or swag bag which can be themed with its presentation and/or its contents. Curate thoughtfully and remember that you can always explore a DIY route to elevate generic candy labels.

Big or small, no member of my family ever does an event on their own. Involve your support network in the process so you can enjoy the day as well. Sometimes, that means involving them in the planning process to really flesh out ideas while other times, it’s nice to have people on hand for set up or to help different parts of the event to run smoothly. Either way, even the hostess with the mostest needs help. Plus, you can’t dress as the cast of your kids favorite show by yourself.

Now that you are equipped with these tips and tricks, plan that party! Life is too short not to enjoy it! As always – Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.


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