My Second Favorite F Word

Football is my second favorite F word. If you know me in real life, you know that I am a tried and true Alabama Crimson Tide fan and a Chiefs fan by marriage. My husband happens to be a Kansas State fan (the purple team from Kansas), at least he isn’t an Auburn fan. If there is a football game being aired, it is likely playing on our TV, doesn’t matter which teams are playing. I often tell people I am the son my parents never had because of my love for sports, football mostly.

My love started early and I’m pretty sure my dad was excited to have someone in his house not complain when he had a game on the TV. From there I was a cheerleader for 6 years, spending most of the game with my back to the stands, yelling thru my megaphone to the guys on the field! Once I was in college I had the opportunity to work with the football operations team and recruiting….sidelines on game day in Bryant Denny? Pretty much what dreams are made of, well mine anyway. I have been an Alabama fan since birth, and that includes some pretty tough years – you can search the web if you don’t know what I’m referencing.

So now that I have shown support for my football obsession, you’re probably wondering why it is my second favorite F word.

My favorite F word is four letters long and used daily! Dirty minds…..I mean FOOD. Football and food go hand in hand. I love tailgates and the food served at them. For my wedding, I literally told my catering team that “I want one step up from a tailgate.” From dips to small sammies to burgers and hotdogs, I have not attended a tailgate/football party that was not complete with fantastic football food. What the heck is football food?

Football food is kind of like finger food, the smaller bite sizes you might see at a shower, but these are all yummy and all filling. Football food doesn’t take into consideration calories, so do not come over for a game expecting celery sticks and peanut butter. If you come over for football you can expect sausage balls, a chicken cheese ball, pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken dip and that is just to start! If it is cold a good chili or stew will be served as well.

Sadly football season is coming to an end. Bowl games are being played and the Super Bowl will be here in a few short weeks. As I get ready to make the snacks for the Cotton Bowl (Alabama vs Cincinnati), I thought I could share one of my go to dishes. It is easy and delicious! You can make ahead or in the moment you need it. 4 ingredients and your choice of cracker/chip.

Chicken Cheese Ball

1 – 8oz. block of cream cheese
Shredded Cheese – at least one cup
1 – Can of premium white chunk chicken
1 – Package dry ranch

1. Soften cream cheese
2. Drain can of chicken
3. Add dry ranch, can of chicken and cheese to softened cream cheese
4. Mix together and form ball
5. Place in fridge to chill
6. ENJOY!!!

My personal favorites to eat with the chicken cheese ball are club crackers and everything pretzel crisps. Honestly you can use any cracker or chip that you like, because it is that delicious!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have over the years. ROLL TIDE!


Author: Evyonke

Wife. Dog mom. Rescue dog advocate. Sports enthusiast.

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