Grandma Greatness

How in the hell did my grandmothers do it all and make it look effortless? I’m talking about each had: a husband, 3 kids, at least 6 grand kids – not including the adopted ones, always a clean house and always homemade food! I seem to struggle most days and I have zero human children at this point in my life.

Do moms get a visit from a fairy once they become a grandmother that gives them extra greatness? I’ve seen this change that comes in my own mom, and even mother in law! It is like grandmothers can figure it out and do it all, while they are making memories and your favorite dinner too.

Is it because they were just so much better at getting things done than I? Probably. I honestly just think people aren’t “made” the way they used to be. Kind of like appliances….seriously, how many times did your grandma get a new washer/dryer/fridge/dishwasher? Maybe once, but unlikely. I swear nothing is as durable as those yellowish/green/brown fridges they made in the 1960s and 1970s. If you know, you know.

My Maw, Dad’s mom, and my Nanny, Mom’s mom, were as different as night and day. One was soft spoken and would gently scratch your back. One was loud and her back pats could knock a grown man around. Yet they both were each part of a special group, no not being a grandmother, I mean the angels on earth group. They were the type of people that would give you the shirt off of their backs if you needed it, but more than that. Maw and Nanny each has this presence that made you feel loved and comfortable. This extended to each person they met.

I remember when my Nanny started working in a school cafeteria. All of the kids loved her, so much so they started calling her Nanny. I was so upset because she was MY Nanny, not theirs. She sat me down and told me that she would always love me and by my Nanny, but that she could love “them kids too.” She was bright and filled up a room as soon as she entered. Her laugh was contagious. She was a pro at picking switches and swatting your legs with a fly swatter for being bad. She embodied the Home Sweet Home feelings.

Maw was the epitome of kindness, classiness and love. Honestly if you knew Joe, my grandfather, you already know she was an angel for putting up with him for all of those years! She was the strongest woman I’ve ever known, but also the most feminine. While none of us got her outer beauty, I try to share her inner beauty by helping others as she did so often. She recognized my wild streak, love of shoes and red lipstick, and just grinned and shook her head, never passing judgement. She reminded me to always count my blessings.

I developed my love for cooking with each. Both could make homemade biscuits that made you close your eyes and groan out loud. I picked beans with one and blueberries the other, using these ingredients in that nights dinner. How did they cook so many delicious homemade meals each week? I’m proud of myself if I cook one and we have leftovers…..sad, but true.

Also, why is grandma’s house always freaking clean? How is every single thing in it’s place at all times? I would be embarrassed if someone popped by unannounced, but Grandmothers? Bring on all the guests, any day, any time.

I’m not a physically affectionate person, but I have never had a hug from a grandmother, mine or not, that did not make me want to rest my head on her shoulder and have my back rubbed. I’m serious! Unless you are my nieces or nephews, it is likely that you have never had a hug from me. (Not starting now either, thanks COVID!) So is there a secret training on hugs as well? Is it because of the years of life that you know a hug is more than a hug? I’m not sure, but you can never replace a grandma hug. When I see my husband’s grandma, I hug her so hard I worry she can’t breathe sometimes. She’s another one that deserves to be praised for her greatness.

She was one of 9! Yep, 9….helping take care of her siblings early on in her life. Married her husband and then had 4 of her own. She is also one of the most talented people I have ever met. She can paint, make or sew just about anything. But what is her real greatness? Her unconditional love. The way that she supports those she meets is astounding. I’m lucky to be included in that. She is the best listener and provides a calm to those pouring out their problems.

Not only do each of the grandmothers I know make me want to cook more, keep my house picked up, but truly they make me want to have greatness. To be able to share my greatness with others as they each have done with me. To have half of the influence on someone as they did for me. To actually leave this world a better place.


Author: Evyonke

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